Saturday, January 28, 2012

Facebook Fan Page vs Personal Profile for Business or Causes

We all know that using a Personal profile on Facebook strictly for business is a no-no.  But still we see people doing it every day.  Let's be honest.  I used a personal profile for a long time until Facebook announced the "change to a fan page" option.

Not only is using that personal profile a no-no but it could be restricting you from having the fans or "likes" and the shares that you want and deserve.  And that's not good.  Wouldn't you rather have 4,000 fans than 1,000 friends?

My plight is often not heard which breaks my heart....especially when rescues refuse to make the switch.  I think of those sweet animals waiting for homes who are missing out on the proper promotion.  I've tried and tried though.  Still those restrictive "friends only" personal profiles are being used.  So you're thinking, "woman...what's the big deal?"

Well besides the fact that if they catch you, your account could be at risk, here are the biggies:

  • First and foremost, many people don't want to "friend" strangers.  No one knows who is really behind that personal profile being used for business.  Not to mention with the way Facebook works now, if that "stranger" comments on something, everyone who is friends with that "stranger" can see the original post no matter how locked down the "fan's" profile is.  With a Fan Page, people can easily "like" you page without requests and rigamorole.  They often won't even think twice about the like and you'll be showing up in their feed in no time!  
  • Second, you miss out on people's "likes."  If they aren't your friend on a personal profile, they can't "like" or comment on your stuff.  That means others won't see that they liked it either...because they were never able to "like" it.  
  • Third, you may miss out on "shares" and you want those!  You want people to share all of your stuff so other people like your page, buy what you are selling, adopt those animals, etc.
  • Fourth, a fan page gives you a tool called "Insights" which give you many people are looking at your page, where are they located, etc.
  • Fifth, people can share your page on their walls and add it to their favorite pages which others can see.  More, more, more promo!
Ready to make the switch?  You can switch over that personal profile to a page and keep all of those friends as fans!  You will lose some content but it's not significant (trust me, I've done it).  Better yet, it is incredibly easy.

To get started, log in with that personal profile and go to  After that, it is pretty self explanatory.  You will be asked to choose a business type and some standard options.  

I'll discuss more on how to set up and use that page in future articles.

Happy cooking, loving, crafting, and laughing!

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