Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Convo with Grandma C about Friendship

I had the most wonderful conversation with Grandma C yesterday.

She first asked me if I have a friend that was close that I would dearly miss if they were gone. Immediately I realized I don't have a best friend. I do have a couple friends who may end up being that person. Over the years best friends have left for bigger and better things, forgetting their old pal or simply just coming around when it fit into their schedule. Others have abandoned me because I'm not the healthiest and can't "hang."

She proceeded to tell me about her dear friend whose husband will be 90 soon and will be having a party! Very exciting! She told me about their talks and her times tagging along to card games even though she doesn't play cards (sounds like me).

I got teary as she said she misses her friend every day. That sweet little lady before me said she says goodnight to her friend every night.

True friendship is being there. No matter how busy you are or if you'd rather be doing something else while your friend cries. Those who have told me they were too busy to do lunch or come to an annual party after twenty-some years of friendship ... or they couldn't be there for me during a horrible time in my life because they had "to focus on themselves" were not true friends in any sense of the word.

I hope I can do better than that for my forever friends and have what Grandma C had :)

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